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Best Bride Chadar For Entry

Flower Chadar

Top 10 Flower Chadar For Bride Entry

  With the changing trend, there has been a lot of change in the way of taking entry of brides in weddings, in spite of all this, flower chadar are still in the same trend as it used to be before, the only difference is that earlier options used to be less.  And today many options are available like traditional flower chadar, western theme flower chadar , artificial flower chadar, original flower chadar etc.  For brides who want to take a simple and elegant entry in their wedding, flower chadar is the best option and believe me it looks very beautiful too.  The most important thing is that whether you enter in the day or at night, it looks equally beautiful, so  we have shortlisted some special trending flower chadar for you below

1.White mogra with green leaves chadar

Image source:- @payalbahirwani16

 This flower chadar has green leaves border in square frame and white mogra garland is loosely placed in the middle which is giving a designer look to this flower chadar and it looks very simple and beautiful.  If you are doing your entry in daylight then this is a very beautiful option for you.  If you want, you can take your brothers along to hold this or you can also do it with bridesmaids which is very much in trend right now.

2. Multi colour flower chadar with babies breath

Image source:-@karina71291

This flower chadar has multi-coloured flowers on a square frame and also has baby’s breath flower, which is giving a different look to this flower chadar, and in the middle of it, make a small garland of white mogra flower and decorate it the pink rose bud is tied at the bottom.  The most special thing about this flower chadar is that multi colors have been used in it which will match with every color of your dress and with this you can take entry in the day light and it will look equally beautiful at night.

3. Red Pink Roses Flower Chadar

     Image source:- pending

In this flower chadar, the border of original flowers of pink and red roses has been made on a square shape frame and in the middle the mogra flower is filled with a garland made of buds making the shape of checks.  As beautiful as it looks in the photo, it looks so beautiful in reality as well.  Rose flowers are as beautiful as they look, they also smell good which will make the environment around you even more pleasant, you can also use this flower chadar in both daylight and night.

4. Red Roses Flower Chadar

     Image source:- pending

     Image source:- pending

In this flower chadar, there is a border filled with red roses flowers on an iron square shape frame, which looks very rich, and small garlands of roses have been used to fill the gap in the middle making it more beautiful.  You will look no less than an angel in this flower chadar.  Although you can use this chadar in both daylight and night, it will come out more beautiful in daylight and this flower chadar will look very beautiful with your red colored bridal wear too.

5. Pastel flower chadar

This flower chadar is covered with an iron square shape frame and pastel colored artificial flower and white mogra flower  checks are made to cover the middle space and some mogra garlands are hanging in the middle  With pink rose buds at the bottom which is making it look pretty.  You can carry it with pastel colored bridal wear in daylight which will give you an Indo western look.  Well you can use it at night also but still it looks more beautiful during the day.

6. Yellow genda flower chadar

Image source:- @sunnydhimanphotography

In this flower chadar, a long and square shaped iron frame is well decorated with yellow marigold flowers and in the middle some gota rings , kaleere etc. are hanging.  As is seen  from its flowers and décor, this flower chadar has been prepared for the bride’s haldi entry into the function.  You can try this flower chadar for your haldi entry, which is very much in trend right now, so with this you will become a trendy bride.

6. Light weight white flower chadar

This flower chadar has a long square shaped iron frame, which is decorated with light flowers.  It has a white artificial flower bordering on a frame, which is very light compared to other flower  chadar’s.   To give it a colorful look, pink roses are tied in the middle of a white mogra garland and some green leaves have also been tied in the middle, which is giving it a very natural look.  In this less flower is used as compared  to other flower chadar’s, that’s why it is called light weight flower chadar.  If you also like simple and light things then this can be a perfect option for you.

Image source:-@mo_tography

7.Colourful Flower Chadar

In this flower chadar, different colors of original flowers have been used on a long square shaped frame of iron and white mogra buds are tied  in the shape of checks in the middle and red rose flowers are also done in the middle.  Along with this, different original green leaves have also been mixed, which are giving a complete natural look to this flower chadar.  The advantage of taking a colorful flower chadar is that you can carry any color of outfit with it, as well as you can use it in daylight and night too.  In this way you can also use artificial flowers but original flowers look more beautiful.

8. Red rose and green leaves flower chadar

    Image source:- @juhi0510

In this flower chadar, a long square shape frame of iron is done with original green leaves along with some red roses and white flowers are also used in the middle.  We cannot call this flower chadar too full and not too light.  If you use this flower chadar in daylight then it looks very beautiful and if you are thinking of using it for the night in your bridal entry then it is also a good option.  If you use it at night by applying pyros on it, then it will give a great look.  And with this you can also carry the same color outfit.

9.Lily with green leaves flower chadar

    Image source:- pending

In this flower chadar, a long square shaped iron frame is bordered by artificial red roses and green leaves, along with some original lily flowers are also used.  White and pink artificial Wisteria has been applied to cover the middle space, which is giving it a rich look.  Its four handles are covered with original green leaves.  You can use it in both daylight and night.

10.Baby’s breath flower chadar

   Image source:- Katrina Kaif

This flower chadar  is covered with a long and wide low iron frame border filled with baby’s breath flowers and the middle space is loosely tied with garlands of original white flowers to give it a very beautiful look.  The pink rose buds are tied at the bottom with thin bunches of white lilies leaving little gaps on its borders.  This flower bed chadar has also been used by Katrina Kaif for her bridal entry, believe me this chadar will give a very unique look to your entry.

Conclusion:- Flower Chadar is still the first choice of maximum brides and even  this trend has been going on for so long, but with time this trend has not ended, but more new options have come, due to which all the celebrities    first choice is flower chadar.  The different flower chadar’s given above, choose your favorite flower chadar for your bridal entry and make your entry the most different and special.  Please in the comments how much you liked our post.

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