Top 30 Glamorous Nath Designs for the Best Bridal Look

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Top 30 Glamorous Nath Designs for the Best Bridal Look

A wedding is a momentous occasion where vows are exchanged, and for brides, it’s a thrilling endeavor to look their absolute best. From exquisite outfits to intricate Mehendi, every detail must be perfect. Jewelry, a cultural cornerstone, tells its own story, including the Nath, a unique piece. Explore our selection of extravagant naths for brides who love the extra touch! Nath Designs

Top 30 Glamorous Nath Designs

Diamond Nath Design

 Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and there is nothing beyond them. A bridal nath design which has been encrusted with those precious stones, literally the cherry on top of the birthday cake.The precious stone is moistly cut, rubbed and created according to the ornament inspiration. If it is an Engagement ring, then there you have Solitaire or Cushion Cut diamonds as an option.

Nath Designs
Nath Designs

 Whereas an earring would require teeny-tiny works of embellishments. On the contrary, a Nath Design would demand bead-style diamonds for the look.

 This is the beauty of such a precious accessory. A woman wearing a diamond Nath, wouldn’t need any chain extension. The wedding look would be in place with just the Diamond Nose Ring.

Marathi Nathni Nath Design

 They do not call it a Nath Design but a Nathni in Marathi. It is a simple round nose ring which is slightly different from the usual style of nath design.

 This is a Gold Nath Design, which is traditionally in the family for a while. Such Nathni designs are passed over from one generation to the next, making it a family heirloom.

Nath Designs
Image Source: Sahil Thakkar
Nath Designs
Image Source: Royal Frames

 This became a trend in the last couple of years, where you send a simple nath design for your wedding ceremony. Wide range of designs simplifying the same category.Some designs with a few drops of pearls and decorations as such. This is one of the pretty awesome styles, and pairing this look with a crescent moon Bindi can’t ever go wrong.

Pearl Nath Design

 Hanging pearls are the sweetest embellishments which make a Nath Design even more prominent. Features like these accentuate a piece of nose ring the most.Pearls decorate a piece of jewellery in the most romantic and pretty manner. This is one of the things about pearl danglings, which are not just cute but extremely pretty too.

Nath Designs
Nath Designs

 Such a nose ring is one of the most popular designs, perfect for your big day. You can find multiple options for these pretty designs on online shopping websites. A product like this is a website favourite. I am in love with these Nath Designs. Which are simple, yet have the bling of some white pearls.

Tamilian Nose Rings and Nath’s

 The patterns of these designs are traditional and they have embellished bling on top of them. Such golden nose ring designs are encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones.Gold Nath Designs with Ruby and Emerald embellishments on top. That is the theme of most South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets. The pattern is typical of a traditional Temple Jewellery Set.

Nath Designs
Nath Designs
Nath Designs

 What I found pretty about these designs is the Tamilian Culture. While most other communities only wear Nosepins and Nath Designs on the left-hand side of the face. Tamilians have jewellery for both ends of the nose.One for the right, one for the left and another one for the middle parting. The middle piercing is called Septum. Such Nath Designs are pretty uncommon in most Indian states.

Antique Nath Design

 Antique Gold Nath Designs are the most popular nose rings, common for most Indian Brides. Such lovely ornaments look beautiful and they have very pretty decorations. You can gift such beautiful Nath Designs to your loved one. Antique ornaments are mostly made out of Gold, which is undoubtedly a precious metal. Infect most family hand down their jewellery to their younger ones.

Nath Designs
Nath Designs
Image Source: Anushka Sharma

 You can get these at any offline Jewellery store. Such ornaments are widely available in forms of authentic ornaments and also as statement jewellery sets. The antique pattern has prominent embroideries on the top.More than just the design, this is a style of all styles. Moreover, you can edit such an ornament for your wearing, like just a nosering, with an attached gold chain or just the chain as a whole.

Glamorous and Bold Nath Design

 The size of this Nath Design speaks for itself. Infect an ornament like this looks more like a bangle than just a Nose Ring Design for the Bride. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime things, and an ornament like this is worth it.

 The size is huge, and the pictures would stay throughout your life. That is exactly the reason why most Brides might opt for it for their Bridal Nath Designs. The reviews aren’t so bad for these.

Nath Designs

 Infect you do get a mixed audience for these. Some people like these over many other designs, while some prefer to keep it simple with a minimal Nath Design. This is one of the simplest yet extremely bold Nath Designs.Just a Nose Ring design, would bring attention to your face. Infact you can get the most out of it, which would make the best pictures. Bridal Portraits in these styles are the best ones.

Rajasthani Red Nose Rings

 A Rajasthani Bride wears many ornaments, which include pretty awesome Mange Tikka, Mantha Patti, Chocker, Long Maharani Necklace and many other popular designs at the most. Such a beautiful ornament set has it all, right from the prettiest necklace to the most beautiful bridal order. This is one of the best things about a Rajasthani Enamelled Jewellery Set.

Nath Designs
Image Source: Nehazz

 Yes, Rajasthan is known for its extremely well-known Minakari Jewellery Set. This is one of such amazing Nath designs that has been decorated with a pretty layer of hanging red beads. Bridal Nath Designs like these, have been decorated with really pretty red stones and when white stones. Such a combination of Minakari with Kundan art is pretty and quite popular too.

Rajputana Nath Design

 Rajasthani jewellery set, with well-decorated stones, pearls and extremely pretty necklaces. This is one of such amazing Rajputana Nath Designs. This is one of the best designs for D-Day. Such a pretty jewellery set became a trend since the Bollywood Film, ‘Jodha Akbar’. In the movie where Aishwarya Rai Banchan played the role of Jodhaa Bai who was a Rajpur Princess, wedded to the Mughal King Akbar.

Nath Designs
Image Source: uvgainmakeup
Nath Designs

 Nath Designs like these are quite popular. Infect these are pretty awesome, where the Kundan work and Meenakari design are used to decorate in the prettiest manner. These are some of the best options for D-Day, where the design has been used to decorate the simplest parts of the look. The bridal look is completed with such a pretty Rajputana Nath Design.

Kundan Nath Design

 In North India, Kundan and Minakari work are quite popular. This is a beautiful Kundan Nath Design which has pretty awesome white stone and mirrorwork designs encrusted on top. This is of the best Nath Design which is decorated with awesome stones and other embroideries on top of it. This is an extremely pretty Kundan Nath Set with white stones.

Image Source: White Valley
Image Source: Kulwant Sm
Image Source: Kulwant Sm

 Such a simple ornament can literally can the look from a zero to a full hero. This look can make the face look the best, and you can add the prettiest decorations on top of it. A Kundan set with white stones has been very popular too. This is an organized Nath Design, which is perfect for Lehenga, Sharara Set, Gharara Set, Anarkali Suit and other popular Bridal outfits.

Emerald Green Nath Design

 Stones which has a pretty finding has always been my personal favourite. And precious stones are the best possible decoration and are used to decorate the simplest of ornaments and jewellery. This is one of the looks where the bridal Nose Design can mix and match well with the decoration. This is an extremely well-decorated look that you can match with almost any attire.

In the pursuit of the perfect bridal look, it all begins with the confidence and that radiant smile to seal the deal. The choice of Bridal Nath Designs is just as critical, tailored to the wearer’s preferences.

The metal selection, as mentioned earlier, is a matter of personal taste. While some opt for the timeless elegance of a traditional Gold Nosepin, others prefer to make a bold statement with fancy Nose Ring Designs, featuring an extended chai. These statement pieces are often designed by artisans, preserving the charm of authenticity.

On the other hand, gold naths offer a touch of understated elegance, with a simplicity and subtlety that makes them versatile enough to be worn long after the wedding ceremony has ended. The key is to choose a design that not only complements your bridal look but also resonates with your style and can continue to adorn your beauty for years to come.

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