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Things To Keep In Mind While Booking A Makeup Artist.


It is often seen that before the wedding, when the bride finds a makeup artist for herself, there is a lot of confusion, what kind of artist to talk to, how to finalize which makeup artist will be best for me and you take suggestions from people, still doubts. lives.

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Every Makeup Artist has some specialty, which makes them different. When we are looking for a makeup artist, budget and time are also taken care of. Talking about the budget, this will be the first point. Maybe the budget does not matter for anyone, that thing is different. The trend of makeup in Indian Bride is HD makeup, and nowadays Air Brush makeup is very much in trend. Celerity makeup is also in trend, some brides also like nude makeup.

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Things to keep in mind

  • Your lehenga matters a lot when you choose makeup.
  • Often there is a question from all the makeup artists of Bride that which product she is going to use, and after using these products, there will be no side effect on my skin.
  • When you choose a makeup artist, you also have to see what type of lehenga you have. This will make it much easier for you to choose makeup.
  • Try that you must visit the makeup artist’s studio, get information about the product. Doubts will be cleared by this.
  • With Free Lancer makeup artist, you can get product information online.
  • You can also take advice from your relative or friends who have just got married.
  • Before selecting a makeup artist, definitely see their reviews, nowadays all the artists are present on the online platform.
  • Should be long lasting. High definition makeup stays for around 48 hours.

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Make up by Harshita Mishra

Price Range – Traveling

Price – If we talk about the price of bride makeup, then the price of all artists is different. The basic price starts from as low as 7000. The rest depends what is your demand in makeup.

Traveling – It is your responsibility to travel the makeup artist or the artist gives it by including it in his package.

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Guest Makeup | Party Makeup Light makeup remains in high demand in this.

Hair Style

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Hair style is very important in braid makeup. If the hairstyle is fabulous, the make-up will take four moons. You can choose your hairstyle according to your lehenga. You can find many different hairstyles online. In hairstyles you will find Hair Do, Advance Hair Styling.