A True Love Story Inspired You | Palak & Aditya

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A True Love Story Inspired You | Palak & Aditya

A True Love Story Inspired You | Palak & Aditya

Uncovering what actually happened behind their picture-perfect wedding & the journey towards happily-ever-after. 🌸

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​“If I could do my wedding all over again I’d still do it with a fracture!

The wheelchair became my new bridesmaid, all through the wedding. They gave me an IV drip which gave me the energy of a whole other level. I pulled an all-nighter and danced with one leg throughout my Sangeet till 6 am. There was nothing that a little alcohol couldn’t fix of course! If I could redo my wedding again I’d still do it with a full-blown fracture! The best 4 days of my life! Hospital run, IV drip and a fractured bride! 👰🏽

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I was having the TIME OF MY LIFE the first night at the after-party and was dancing and jumping into this ball pit we had created only to land on a ball and twist my foot. I COULD NOT walk! We went to the hospital at 3 am and Aditya (my husband) had fainted on the way already.

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When my best friends walked in the next morning extremely nervous, I was in a wheelchair getting ready for my Haldi, with 2 hours of sleep. I literally burst out laughing and crying at the same time!

The first words that came out of my worried self were NOT about how will I get married like this but ‘HOW WILL I DANCE?’

I LOVE to dance and had prepared for 7 dances. I was very clear, I’m getting married only once to literally the best boy ever so I wasn’t going to let a fracture ruin that!

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Fun fact: I have ALWAYS wanted a fracture. Everyone close to me knows I’ve always wanted one and we had no idea it would happen at my wedding. I think the situation was hilarious but that didn’t stop me – I decided to wing it, did all my dances and enjoyed my wedding to the fullest, of course with one leg!”

– Bride Palak Shah.

Source – Couple: @palak_005 @adityashah9

​Photographer: @thehouseontheclouds | Outfit: @sabyasachiofficial

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