Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? | Utsav & Ishita

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Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? | Utsav & Ishita | Real Wedding | Wedding Kalakar India

Perfect Couple Utsav & Ishita | Date – 25.11.2020 | Real Wedding | Wedding Kalakar

Source – Groom – @utsavagarwal10 | Bride – @ishitasharmaa

​“Imagine a person so perfect (myself) & someone bilkul hi opposite to me? How we hated each other! But they say opposites attract.


Utsav & I have known each other for almost 12-13 years. It all started when we ended up in the same high school in 11th standard in our hometown – Jhansi. It was really cliched because we never really liked each other from the start but we were okayish as friends. We were classmates & his parents were friends with my family.

In school, I used to be that disciplined girl – punctual, dressed neatly with plaited hair & knew it all. Utsav was just the opposite – always late, unkempt hair & slept in class. In fact, I was the head girl of our school & I remember punishing him for being late.

Real Wedding Couple

Utsav & Ishita

He was very irritated by me – ki why is she always giving all the answers & she is so artificial. In fact, our class teacher made us sit together so I could help him academically. BUT OPPOSITES ATTRACT!

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When we realised we have feelings for each other, we thought we were too young & very scared of our parents! When we left Jhansi after 6-7 months, I started missing the friendship we had in school. He felt the same. That is when we started talking again. Once we started realising ki there is something more to it than just friendship, I toh even counted the perks like we’re both from Jhansi meaning we can eventually go back to our hometown.

Real Wedding Couple

In 2011 he proposed to me & I said yes!

Despite the long-distance & its hurdles, we made sure to do all those cheesy stuff & celebrate anniversaries. We fought a lot…we still do, but there was always something that assured me of a “forever”. We trusted the process & after 8-9 years of our relationship I came back to Jhansi & decided to tell our parents in 2018. They already knew but waited for us to make it official! 😂

We’ve been in love for the longest time. We tied the knot on 25.11.2020 in an intimate ceremony. All that said, I would not have it any other way.” ❤️❤️

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