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A True Love Story Of Travel Couple | Chintan & Mona

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Travel Couple | Chintan & Mona | Date – 28.11.2019

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Travel Couple

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“​We met during our MBA in 2013. But we hardly interacted. We would just text each other rarely. We were introduced by a common friend & when we spoke for the first time, it was for 1 hour. In those 2 years though, nothing happened. Chintan & I got placed. We barely spoke again.

In 2016, after 8 months, I gave up my job to start my own business. He randomly texted me & we met for drinks – December 2016. We met at around 8 pm & hung out till 2 am until the place was closing & they had to request us to leave!

We were discussing random things & he happened to mention his plans of taking a trip to Europe in 2017. He asked me if I would go with him. I was 25-26 & I had not even taken a domestic flight then but I said YES thoughtlessly. It wasn’t practically possible, but after a few days I contacted him, “LET’S DO THIS!”

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Travel Couple

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With our savings, we planned a 16 day trip to Europe all by ourselves. Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Milan. We became really good friends during this time. After work, we spend most of our time planning this trip. All of our bookings & flights were non-refundable because we were SO SURE.

Our VISAs got rejected a week before our flight! It was Diwali week. We were not OKAY. We applied again for the VISA even though most offices were closed. We had our flight on Monday night & the Friday before that we got our visas approved!

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Chintan & Mona

So we went to Europe as JUST FRIENDS, but we came back dating!

In 2018 March or April we decided to take it forward. He is Gujarati & I am Sindhi. Our parents agreed readily. But there was actually a twist! Most people took a break for at least 1 month for the wedding, but we wanted the wedding to happen in a day – a court marriage, so that we could use that 1 month for travelling. After a lot of convincing – precisely 1½ years, our families somehow agreed. We had a temple wedding during the day followed by a court marriage. We then partied till midnight of 28.11.2019. 29.11.2019 early morning we left for the 1 month trip, as planned!” –

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