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What Happens In Hindu Wedding | Hindu Rituals

Hindu Wedding Rituals

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In our country, weddings are considered a sacred relationship and along with this, the rituals of marriages are also given great importance, but there are some special reasons behind the rituals performed in weddings like.

Haldi Ritual

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This is the most special ritual, without this ritual marriage cannot take place,

in which the groom is applied to the bride, as far as you must have heard that by applying turmeric, the body shines on the face, but apart from this, there is some other reason also because the turmeric ritual is because It is said that the bride and groom can be protected. Because it contains antiseptic and the groom protects the bride from being infected by anyone and it also heals wounds.

Mehndi Ritual

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Mehndi has been given a lot of importance in Indian rites.

Women of India consider it auspicious to apply mehndi on every occasion, so it is also applied in weddings, but in weddings, it is considered a reason behind mehndi, especially because the bride feels that as much as The darker the color of the mehndi, the deeper their relationship and the love grows between them.

Procession Ritual / Nikasi On The Groom’s Horse

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Where the horse is considered a symbol of bravery, the same mare is considered to be the factor of origin, that is why the tradition followed by placing the groom on a mare. He can also handle wife’s reins well

Toran Killing Ceremony

According to the old legend, there used to be a demon named Toran,

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who used to sit in the form of a parrot at the entrance of the bride’s house at the time of marriage. , and used to harass the bride. The story of killing this pylon started from that day itself, so the pylon is tied at the bride’s door and the groom kills her and marries the bride.

Jaymala/ Varmala Ceremony

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On the day of marriage, when the groom goes to the girl’s house with a procession, the ceremony of garland is performed on that day. Varmala is also known as Jai Mala. This garland with beautiful flowers brings many wishes for the bride and groom. Having flowers in the garland means that the life of the bride and groom is filled with laughter and joy.

Phere | Mandap | Fere Ritual

Hindu Rituals

The importance of these words is very deep, which Pandit ji explains at the time of the round and the bride and groom get this promise done by both.

The bride and groom are tied with 7 Phera and they have to be tied with Phera in 7 vows.

Sindur Rasma

In weddings, Sindur is filled by the bridegroom on the bride’s obeisance. Stay tuned but also maintain a sense of harmony. Therefore, the ritual of filling the demand in marriage is performed so that there is always love and harmony in married life.

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Vidai | Vidai Ceremony

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The bride’s Vidai ceremony is done because the girl is considered parayadhan, and by bidding her Vidai at the time of marriage, she is forced to live a new life so that she can start her new life. At the time of Vidai, the bride throws the grain or rice in her fist backwards, all the family members stand behind and take it in their hands or pallu, this ritual is heart touching.

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