How To Start Wedding Preparations? | Best Way To Plan A Wedding

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How To Start Wedding Preparations? | Best Way To Plan A Wedding

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It is seen many times that if there is a marriage in the family, then all the members of the house run for a long time before the wedding and even after a few days of marriage, and in spite of this, some things are left out, due to which there is a need. Time has to bother you and sometimes these things can spoil your special moments too.

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In the coming days, if you are planning a wedding in your family or yours , then for that what you have to keep in mind in the beginning so that the marriage can be completed in a memorable and balanced way, for that we will see in detail here:-

First of all, prepare a list of all the major tasks in this 👇 manner, so that no work is missed.

  1. Muhurta
  2. Functions list
  3. Budget
  4. Venue
  5. Card Printing
  6. Costume Selection
  7. Jewelry Selection
  8. Makeup Artist
  9. caterers Selection
  10. Decorator
  11. Photographer
  12. Gifts
  13. Entertainment


As you all know that first we have to decide the Muhurta for marriage, only after that we can plan the rest of the work, then first of all get the Muhurta from Pandit ji and fix the time of all the programs.

subhmuhurat, muhurat

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Functions list

After the Muhurta, you should prepare a list of all the functions according to your convenience, such as the time of the rituals,

function list, wedding function, wedding event

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other than the rituals that have been decided by the Pandit ji, such as Mehndi, Haldi, Sangeet function etc. Their timings. You should decide in advance in such a way that all the programs are completed on time and you can also enjoy. There should be such a gap between all the programs that everyone should be well prepared and everyone can get some rest and preparations can also be completed. If the list and timing of all the programs are fixed in advance, then all the programs will be completed on time and in a balanced manner.


Budget is important for any work that we have to do and in the matter of marriage, budget is also a very important decision.

wedding budget

So first of all, you should decide the minimum and maximum budget for everything like Venue, Decoration, Costume etc. What will happen with this is that it will be easier for you to settle things. It is often seen that expenses in marriages become more than necessary, even where expenses are not to be incurred, they are spent and our budget gets spoiled, but on the other hand, if our budget is already fixed for everything, then Expenses will also be limited and we will also be saved from unnecessary expenses, so first of all prepare your budget.

Venue selection

After the budget is fixed, the most important thing for marriage is to decide the venue. Although it seems a very easy task to go look at any space,

venue selection

look at the budget and finalize it, but it is not as easy as it looks, let us see what are the points necessary to select a good venue for marriage.

(1)First of all, know the budget.

(2) Then how many guests do you have, and whether or not there is space according to them.

(3) Is there enough parking space or not?

(4) The place should be such that it passes through all the main roads so that the guests do not face any difficulty in coming.

(5) The most important point that no one pays attention to is that before booking the venue, you should know all their terms and conditions so that you do not face any problem later.

(6)Read all the things carefully while signing the agreement.

(7)Take everything in writing from the venue authority so that you can get the things you need at the time of the ceremony.

These are some small points by keeping in mind you can complete your marriage smoothly.

Invitation Card Selection

Although now the trend of card printing is decreasing in many places, the new generation prefers to invite their friends and so on virtually, although an important reason behind this is the environment because due to cards there is also a waste of paper and cards.

It also takes a long time to distribute. But in families, relatives, even today, the same traditional card is recognized and it is considered a symbol of respectful invitation. The things to keep in mind while getting the wedding cards printed are:-

  1. First of all, make a guest list that how many guests are to be given the cards so that there is no wastage of cards and no less.
  2. Choose a design that is beautiful to look at and not too expensive as the card is of no use later.
  3. As much as possible, send digital cards to friends etc. so that not much paper is used.
  4. Try that the material of the cards should be eco friendly so that the environment is not polluted.
  5. Try not to put pictures of God etc. on the cards, although it is believed that it is necessary to remember God in any auspicious work, but you yourself think that many times the children throw the cards anywhere, then God is insulted. Instead of this, wherever we do not have the photo or name of God. We can make a swastika mark there.

Costume selection

Nowadays in weddings, it is a trend to have a special theme for every function, such as in Haldi, all the guests are in yellow clothes, in Mehndi green color etc. For this, the bridegroom and all the family members should finalize their outfits in advance.

wedding costume selection, wedding outfit, bride lehenga

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Sometimes the designer or tailor gets late in preparing the clothes or due to any reason your clothes are not ready, then you have enough time to select another option and you can enjoy all the functions without any hassle.

Nowadays the theme of the functions is also decided by the color pattern of the bride and groom’s outfit, so if you do this work in advance, then the rest of the work will also be done in time.

Jewellery selection

Selecting and buying jewelry at weddings is a very responsible task. All brides want that their jewelry should be of the latest design and at the same time the cost is also reasonable.

jewelry selection, bride jewellery

For all this, do not buy jewelry in the season as much as possible because everything is expensive in the season, then finish the jewelry work in the off season and you can use the online platform for the latest design.

jewelry collection, bride jewelry

Source – Oshe collection

You should always buy important things like jewelry from your old identity goldsmith or branded showroom or trusted people so that you can avoid fraud etc.

Makeup Artist

It is always the dream of every girl to look the most beautiful as a bride in her wedding, for this, the future bride tries and should do everything,

mehndi artist, mehndi, bride mehndi
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after all you are the celebrity of that special day and all eyes are only on the bride. Tiki and your groom’s too. To look beautiful in your wedding, you hire the best makeup artist who can give you a better look. For this, by keeping some things in mind, you can enhance your beauty better, that too without any problem, so let us see which points we need to keep in mind:-

  1. First of all, as soon as the wedding date is fixed, start looking for a makeup artist, this will give you enough time to select the best from all the options.
  2. Make-up artist should be booked as early as possible because often the dates of the good make-up artists are booked very early, so if you are late then you can miss.
  3. If you book a makeup artist ahead of time like before season then you can get makeup artist even very low budget.
  4. The most important thing is that at the time of booking, you should know which products will be used for your makeup, in order to look good at the wedding, do not let any harmful products make your face worse, take care of these small things. You can make your beautiful day even more special by keeping it in.
  5. Before booking any makeup artist, you can also check its rating online, and I would say it must be done so that you can get to know the quality of their work.

Caterers Selection

The most important thing in weddings is ‘food’, which everyone wants that the food in our wedding should be the best, good means taste should also be good,

catering, indian wedding food,

it should be healthy, should be made cleanly, all things should be fresh, Good presentation etc. All these things have a great impact on your memory and image. Things to keep in mind before booking any caterer

  1. First of all, make a guest list that how many guests are going to come so that the food is not wasted.
  2. Then prepare the menu according to the program and customs so that you do not get confused at the time of booking.
  3. Look for a caterer who is familiar with your culture etc. to cook food according to the taste of your family and visiting guests. You can also choose a family caterer of your own.
  4. Do not keep unnecessary types in food, it only leads to wastage of food.
  5. Before booking a caterer, once you go to any of their functions, make sure to test the food.
  6. Testing is not only a priority in food, but its presentation is also very important, so take care of the presentation of food as well.
  7. If you are trying a new caterer, be sure to check its ratings and reviews online.


We have discussed the basic things that were above, now we come to the decoration which is the first impression of any party. The decoration creates a different zeal and gaiety of the program to be held in all the people. Seeing the decoration, any guest himself gets colored in the color of that program. So always book the decorator wisely. Always keep the following things in mind while booking a decorator.

wedding stage
  1. First of all, you should decide on which theme you want to get the decoration done.
  2. The decoration should always be selected keeping in mind the outfit of the bride and groom.
  3. Look carefully at the presentation of the decorator, by this you will know whether it is efficient or not.
  4. Do not select any decoration seen in someone else’s wedding, or seen in any photo, because what would be the weather in that photo, what time would have been, from which angle the photo would have been taken, it depends on all the things. All the circumstances are different, so what you think is not necessary that your decoration is like the photo, so always choose the decoration according to your place, time of the event etc.
  5. While finalizing the decoration, also keep in mind the weather, how will the weather be at the time of the program, if it is sunny then what kind of décor will be good and make arrangements for everyone’s seating etc. accordingly and if it rains then use waterproof tents etc. Do it.
  6. Take every smallest thing from the decorator in writing, it can be online or offline and if the work is not in accordance with it, how will it be compensated, all these conditions should be clear in it.


Photography is considered to be the most important part of a wedding. Photography is the only thing through which we can save our most precious moments for a lifetime. Therefore, there should be no compromise of any kind with photography in the wedding.

wedding photography

Source -Rishabh & Amisha

By the way, I believe that marriage is the most beautiful moment of life for both the boy or the girl, so for any reason, with any thing or moment in marriage, for any reason like there is a member of the family who does photography. If it is, then you will get it done only, what difference does it make or in this way do not postpone any work on any friend etc.

Source -Rishabh & Amisha

See if those people are really skilled in their work then there is no harm but if you yourself also know that they do not do anything special or they will not be able to do what you want and just because they will feel bad or If you leave your most important work to them thinking that the money will be less or not, then your decision will be enough. Can be proved wrong as marriage is not a recurring task, so book a photographer with great care. Things to consider while booking a good photographer:-

  1. Be sure to check the original work quality of the photographer.
  2. Pay attention to their presentation and content as it reflects the experience and creativity of the photographer.
  3. Do pay attention to the photography and videography stories done by them because a good and creative photographer never works on the same story. The story of videography always depends on the couple and every couple is often different.
  4. While booking the photographer, make sure to list the timings of all the events so that they can be present on time.
  5. Take every smallest thing in writing from the photographer, it can be online or offline and if the work is not according to that, how will it be compensated, all these conditions should be clear in it.


The practice of giving gifts at weddings has been there since the very beginning. Prepare the gifts that you want to give to the guests and the bride and groom in weddings,

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1 or 2 months before the wedding, and if there is a plan for customized gifts, then you can order them and pick them up at the time of the wedding itself.

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Nowadays there are no marriages like before because earlier the wedding programs used to start a month before the scheduled date and the guests also started coming from then on.

wedding entertainment, sangeet

Source – Alfaaz Photography

But due to today’s busy lifestyle, all this is not possible, so nowadays marriages have become 2 to 4 days and even 2 to 4 days our family members take time out of their busy routine and attend the wedding,

wedding entertainment, sangeet

Then everyone wants So that they enjoy a lot in un 2 4 days and they always remember this moment, then for that we should do such activities in the middle of the wedding programs so that everyone can enjoy the program a lot, how can we try for this :-

  1. According to the program, we can choose any anchor, the anchor can be humor, it can also be a poet, you can choose it according to the interest of your family.
  2. We can get some dance group which will keep the fun in the program.
  3. We can also have Dhol which is very much in trend nowadays, people don’t like to dance on dj as much as they do on Dhol, so this is a better option.
  4. You can also choose a unique way of entering the bride and groom at the time of the garland, so that the bride and the bridegroom can always remember this moment for other people as well.

There are many more examples that you can do such as hire a character artist or a magician or whatever is according to your budget.


By keeping the above points in mind, you cannot do ‘easy’ but you can definitely plan a wedding in a better way and if you want to plan a wedding in an easy way, then you can choose the option of wedding planner because nowadays busy. It has become very difficult to take time out of the routine for so many wedding preparations and you can make this problem easy with Wedding Planner who is a ‘one stop solution’ to all your problems.

But if you want to plan this wedding on your own, then the above tips can help you in this, definitely try it and tell me by commenting how was your experience of planning the wedding.😊

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