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A Boring, No sound, No fun Marriage is a complete Nightmare for every couple. Sangeet, dance, and wedding games put life into your wedding function. Without them, wedding is completely dull and bland. All guests love to watch out for the sweet competition between the bride and the groom when they play the wedding games.

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To make all your pre-wedding functions filled with fun and interesting, we have listed 10 fun games which you can play with guests or bride & groom on Haldi, Sangeet, or even cocktail party…

That`s My Wife

A traditional Indian wedding game which can be played by all the married men including the groom.

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How to Play:

The MC/ host asks married ladies for their belongings like a handkerchief, jewelry pieces, or anything and keeps them on a table. The men have to look at the table and pick the object that belongs to their wife and give it to her.

Pick the right one and win amazing prizes. This game demands husbands are carefully noticing each and every detail about their wives.

The Shoe Game

A couple game which is becoming a trendy these days in weddings.

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How to play:

Tell bride and groom to sit on chairs facing each other’s back. then tell them to exchange their shoes so each one of them is holding one of the other’s pairs. Ask them questions like “who is most likely to ….”

They have to raise the shoe to answer the question, for example, if both of them feel that the answer to the host’s question is the bride, then they will raise the bride’s shoe in the air.

It is an interesting Indian wedding game that can go for good 15 minutes with 30-40 questions. Make a list of really quirky and embarrassing questions for this

one for maximum fun.

This game can be played at Wedding venues that are spread over a large area with plenty of space where small-small clues can be easily hidden.

Scavenger Hunt

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How to play:

Do you remember the way how we used to play treasure hunt as kids its same like that but while playing it at an Indian wedding with couples makes it more thrilling. Just give small hints at the beginning and hide small clues all over the wedding venue. This game can go on easily for an hour or more.

Guess The Family Member

In Indian weddings, it is a little bit difficult for the bride and groom to identify all family members from each other’s side. So this game will help them know about all with a twist.

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How to play:

All you need is a projector, laptop and some photographs of family members from the bride’s sides and call groom to stage and ask him to guess the name of that person and vice-versa.

Knot So Easy

This is an easy Indian wedding game and it’s a lot more fun watching when a couple struggles to untie most of the knots within a minute without speaking a single word.

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How to Play:

Take a string or Moli dip it in some water and make 5-6 tight knots in it. Ask the bride & groom to untie the knots only with their non-dominant hand. It’s a fun way for checking the coordination of the newlyweds.

This wedding game is not only a game but it is a part of Indian wedding rituals and traditions of many cultures.

Romantic Rhymes

A common but cute traditional Maharashtrian Indian wedding game for brides & grooms.

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How to play

The bride & groom are asked to fit in their partner’s name in a two-line poem. These two lined poem should be rhyming …and not just the two line quote.

Something like: ‘Four plus five is equal to nine, …. is mine.’ This game is not only for bride and groom but it can be played with any couple and is a great way to spice up romance or just fall for each other once again.

Spot The Name

No need there to even explain the rules or what the game is all about.

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How to play

In this game, the bride has to write the Initials or the full name of Groom in her mehndi, and he has to find it out within a minute.

If he loses, he has to gift something to the bride.

Ring Fishing

It is an enormously popular Indian wedding game played after wedding ceremonies in almost every wedding.

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How to play:

A big bowl filled with milk and water, decorated with flowers is presented in front of the newlywed couple.

Then wedding rings of the bride and the groom are put down in this bowl. They have to find the rings by using one hand. Whoever finds the rings first, wins the game.

Paper Dance

One of the easy but highly engaging Indian Mehandi or Sangeet games that is fun to play every time.

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How to play:

Get the bride, groom, and other couples to stage and give them a piece of newspaper on which they have to dance till the music runs. Once the music stops couples have to fold their paper into halves. Couples can’t step out of the paper or else they will be disqualified. The couple remaining till last will be the winner.

Musical Chairs

This age-old game never gets out of style and is always fun to play. Everyone can play this game despite their age or partner.

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How to play:

Count the players and arrange the chairs {there should be 1 chair less}. Like if there are 20 players you have to keep 19 chairs. And one chair will be removed as soon the song stop. The last one with a chair will be the winner

To make all these above games extremely entertaining, the host can add some exciting gifts that will surprise your guests and make them a little more competitive and compelled to win amazing gifts!

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